Best Places to Hike in Northwest Arkansas

Best Places to Hike in Northwest Arkansas

Arkansas is called the Natural State for its natural beauty. Many are just discovering the northwest area of Arkansas as an outdoor destination.

Located in northwest Arkansas, nestled in the Ozark Mountains, is a beautiful and unique little town called Eureka Springs. Named for the numerous natural springs in the area, Eureka Springs has been a tourist destination for decades. Many visit in the summer to play in the surrounding lakes, rivers, and streams.

Eureka Springs is an amazing place to explore all year long with so much to offer those who love the outdoors.

This area is emerging as a destination for people of all ages who love to be outdoors. Summer activities on the water and mountain biking draw many visitors every year but more people are discovering that the best scenery is found on foot. Unfortunately, the best hiking trails in this part of Arkansas are not easy to find and still require substantial planning. The Hike House, located in Eureka Springs, is trying to change that by providing resources to those who want to trek through the Ozarks and really experience all that the area has to offer.

The Hike House offers trail guides written by area locals who are willing to share their favorite hikes. For assistance choosing an appropriate hiking trail and access to necessary supplies, the Hike House staffs knowledgable locals who have been exploring this part of the country their whole lives. To deepen visitors experience to the area, the Hike House also features regionally produced and locally designed goods.

To hike the best places near Eureka Springs, AR and the surrounding northwest Arkansas region, visit the Hike House.

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