Tea Kettle Falls just outside of Eureka Springs Arkansas

Chasing Waterfall Wonder in Northwest Arkansas

The Hike House is committed to inspiring folks to wander through the beautiful landscape of northwest Arkansas. We are convinced that this will inspire wonder. There are few things more exciting and wonderful than the discovery of a waterfall. The sound of falling water is immediately recognizable. It beckons those passing by to stop, explore, and ultimately rest a bit in its company.

Waterfalls in northwest Arkansas are quite diverse. From small cascades that trickle to plunging waterfalls that create pools beneath them, each one seems to display unique characteristics. Such an important natural feature, they usually carry their own names and lore. Waterfalls are often described by their height, width, volume of water, or even their sound. The sound of a waterfall is often the first clue that a waterfall is nearby. This is particularly true of waterfalls residing within the rugged woodlands of northwest Arkansas. In this terrain, water readily flows through karst systems and support the fragile ecosystems there. In this topography, waterfalls are commonly nestled into tree-filled crevices in the hills, slowly sculpting otherworldly rock formations within the Ozark Highlands. 

There are several notable waterfalls that you are encouraged to seek out. These are just a few of what is known and accessible on public lands. Reach out to us if you know of one is not on this list but you feel should be included. 

Glory Hole in the Ozark National Forest-cascades with a 30 foot fall dropping from a hole in the ceiling of a rock shelter

Hemmed In Hollow Falls in the Buffalo National River- 200 foot falls hemmed in by rock bluffs

Falls of Lost Valley in the Buffalo National River- Eden falls (53 foot) and a 25 foot waterfall inside a small cave 

Elise Falls at Smith Creek Preserve- 21 foot falls in slot along the bluff line

Sweden Falls in Sweden Creek Wildlife Management Area- 81 foot falls that can be viewed from the top and bottom

Triple/Twin Falls at Camp Orr- Two to three 48 foot falls that drop to a shallow pool

Tea Kettle Falls in McIlroy-Madison Wildlife Management Area- 40 foot tall falls that exit from a spout shaped rock ledge

Tea Kettle Falls is accessible via a 3-mile out-and-back trail located in the McIlroy- Madison Wildlife Refuge just outside of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Get detailed instructions for reaching the trailhead and locating this waterfall (complete with GPS coordinates) in our Trail Guide.


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