How to Make Camp Coffee

How to Make Camp Coffee

I first discovered pour-over coffee out of necessity. I was planning for a backcountry trip on the Buffalo River Trail and couldn't imagine the journey without coffee. My hiking partner was planning to make coffee using the cowboy coffee method. I had tried that before. The gritty, bold result did the trick but I didn't recognize it as the smooth, rich drink I enjoy every morning at home. I decided to try pour over and now I am hooked. These days, pour-over coffee is quite popular in coffee houses. Many would say that it is the best method for avoiding bitterness in coffee and is great for pulling the distinct flavors of beans grown in different regions. Some however, suggest that the time it takes to brew a cup with this method is a drawback. To be fair, it doesn't brew itself while you are still asleep but it really only takes 3-4 minutes. I have always used this time to set my intentions for the day and just enjoy the beautiful aroma. Here are some instructions for brewing if you are not familiar with it. Careful, you many never go back to your old coffee routine!

1. Heat water to boiling.

2. Use 3-5 tbsp of coarsely ground coffee depending on your strength preference.

3.Now Bloom! Pour water in a circular motion over the grounds to wet them. This will cause the grounds to bloom or grow and release a wonderful aroma.

4. After about 30 sec. begin pouring water in the center of the filter and move outward in a circular motion then wait a few seconds. Repeat until you have a full cup.

5. Remove the pour over filter and enjoy an amazing cup of coffee.

Looking for a lightweight but beautiful pour over coffee set? Check out these coffee pour over sets created by two iconic brands, Stanley X Pendleton

Stanley Pendleton pour over coffee set

Stanley X Pendleton Pour Over Coffee Sets are stainless steel and come with a filter that requires no paper.

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