Purchase with Purpose

Purchase with Purpose

What we do says something about who we are...

At the Hike House, we value natural and wild spaces. Naturally, we try to connect others to sacred spaces so they may also find peace and inspiration. Hiking a trail is a great way to connect to nature but we find that there are other ways to accomplish this. Little rituals and reminders that we gift ourselves can help us to connect to nature even when being outside isn't possible. Whether it is snuggling up in a soft outdoor themed T-shirt or sitting down to work with a treasured mug full of coffee, finding small ways to care for your mind and body are important to becoming the best version of yourself. Consider connecting to nature with a fragrant flower soak or laying down to sleep with a botanically inspired eye mask.  

Protecting the Spaces We Love

Because we care so much about the outdoors, the Hike House mindfully curates  products that support the spaces we love. We carry products from companies like Pendleton and The Landmark Project who donate a portion of proceeds to the National Park Foundation or other non profit organization who support outdoor programs and education.

Where We Are

Located in Northwest Arkansas, we are surrounded by pristine woodlands, flowing rivers, picturesque lakes, and rugged mountains. We love to be outdoors and invite you to stop in and chat with us. Our knowledgeable staff will connect you to a local hiking trail. We research, design, and produce regional Trail Guides that not only provide detailed directions but also suggest area flora and fauna to look for along the trail. QR codes in the guide link to online pictures and other resources. 

Who We Are

Hike House encourages the exploration, appreciation, and protection of the many wild natural spaces and public lands in the Ozark Mountain region and beyond. We mindfully feature regionally-inspired and created products along with iconic or innovative sustainable brands.

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