About Us

Hike House encourages exploration, appreciation, and protection of the many wild natural spaces and public lands in the Ozark Mountain region.

We mindfully feature regionally-inspired and created products along with iconic or innovative sustainable brands.

Our Logo

Our logo was designed by local artists to evoke a sense of adventure. It serves to encourage wander and wonder. The body of the logo is formed in the middle by two H's pointing toward a roof. The symbol is indicative of a landmark or starting point. It resembles an arrow displaying direction and communicates safety. It honors the traditional elements used throughout public lands and national park signage and adopts a mission to protect and educate responsible enjoyment of these wild spaces.

Our Store

We renovated a 1950's roadside lodge at Loblolly Pines Adventure Camp in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Our Partnerships

When possible, we support working artists, small businesses, and emerging outdoor businesses in the region.